Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

The Joys of summer – Piling into the car with the kids and happily setting off for the beach, or camping trip. Sure the setting off is happy, but the ride itself can get tedious, noisy, and sometimes downright unpleasant. Let us take a look at some ways of approaching the family road trip to make it a pleasant experience for all.

First, let us keep in mind that much of this is age dependent. So, let us address first the family with kids under 12. Then we will talk about older families, and finally, a couple of points just for the adults.

My experience has taught me, that if you have little kids, the best thing to do is to leave really, really early in the morning. That way, you get a few good hours of sleep out and a quiet start to the trip. Dress them in their traveling clothes the night before and tuck them into the car, belt em up and hit the road. For winter trips, it goes without saying that you should warm the car up first so they will be comfortable right away.

Next thing, when you do need to stop, do not go to one of those big roadside stops. Pick a quiet rest stop, and provide your own refreshments from your car refrigerator. The good thing about the quieter rest stops is it provides a more relaxed atmosphere for the kids to run around some before getting back in the car for the next leg of the journey.

There are some great car cooler products on the market today, in particular 12 volt cooler just like having a fridge in your truck or camper. These 12 volt appliances everything from portable food warmer to popcorn makers can give you the conveniences of fresh food on the road, without the crowds at busy rest stops. Pack your own 12 v products, and road trip happily ever after.

I personally love making my own coffee on the road nice and fresh without any lines to wait in. With a 12 volt extension cord, you can make the coffee on a picnic bench near the car.

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Honeymoon Trip

Honeymoon Trip
Post-wedding every couple wants to travel to some exotic destination which has lifelong memory. After the typical ceremonies and rituals of marriage, crowd of relatives, olds, young, couples wish to go away from maddening crowd and a trip to some isolated beach or hill station can be just pleasing. Couple of days spend in the company of each other during a honeymoon trip can be amazingly pleasing and memorable entire life. Notwithstanding, far away places such as Goa, Shimla, Kerala, Darjeeling, etc. in India are popular spot for honeymooners.

Before deciding upon a honeymoon trip it is best to invest some time on it. Usually couples do it even before their marriage wherein they decide on every detail i.e. where to go, where to stay, how many days to spent, etc. Honeymoon trip could be messy if third person is brought; therefore, it is always avoided. Plan on your own about a honeymoon trip which is entirely your and your partners and the two are going to enjoy it. A romantic honeymoon destination always preferred from historical monuments or religious places.

India being a diverse nation with all kinds of travel destinations including of beaches, hill station, historical places, backwaters, naturally rich travel destinations, etc. offers comprehensive range of choices for honeymooners. The diversity of India offers exhilarating experience to those who are just married and wish to explore exotica of India soon after their couplehood. Honeymooners can enjoy trip to beach destinations, monumental landmarks, parks & gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. However, it is beaches which are voted among the most attractive honeymoon destinations in India.

Beaches are considered hard core romantic travel destinations and there cannot be any comparison of beaches in Goa to any other beach in India. Beaches in Goa are known for their serenity, grandeur and liveliness. Moreover, a number honeymoon packages are offered by travel companies which provide attractive discounts for long hauls and stays in beaches in Goa for newly married couples. Besides, beaches in Kerala including of Kovalam can be a pleasing travel experience for honeymooners. Accommodation facilities offered in beaches in Goa matches the romantic surrou and the honeymoon trip can be worth remember entire life.

Beaches in Kerala can be another attractive option for honeymoon trip for couples wherein they can enjoy sailing on the traditional style boats. Water sports including of swimming, kayaking, waterskiing and surfing can be pulsating and exhilarating. Notwithstanding, many hotels and resorts in Kerala offer exotic massage services which could be used for rejuvenation and extension of fun during honeymoon trip. Boathouses in Kerala offer exciting recreational facilities, exotic and comfortable accommodation facilities which are liked by couples. Some leading accommodation facilities offered by Taj Green Cove Resort, Leela, Kovalam Beach Resort, and Coconut Bay Beach Resort are worth ponder upon.

For many couples hill stations are ideal for honeymoon trip and for that obvious reason are greenery, isolation, peace of mind, and cold weather. Some leading hill stations topping the list of honeymoon destination can include Mussoorie, Dalhousie, Mount Abu, Darjeeling, Shillong, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Srinagar, Shimla, Manali, Nainital, and Gangtok, etc. Whereas most of them are locate din northern Himalayan range of mountain, Ooty and Kodaikanal is located in the southern part of India.>honeymoon trip