Kayaking Trips

Kayaking Trips

Kayaking is considered as one of favourite activities which looks like a packet of Pringles. Why during your trip you don’t try to become a taster of sea kayaking or canoeing? This article will share you more the ultimate kayaking trips worth doing.


(1) Canoe Safari in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe, one of the top 10 game reserves in Africa. Safaris are quite run of the mill these days, but for those with a passion for canoes and a love of wildlife, you really can’t go wrong. Paddle through the still water of the Mana Pools and watch the elephants, hippos and herds of buffalo from a dug out Canadian canoe on the river…


(2) Kayaking Milford Sound in New Zealand – If you’re going to New Zealand, then there is no excuse for not visiting Milford Sound on the South Island. Most people explore here by boat, but why not take to the water in a kayak and experience the majestic beauty close up? With waterfalls cascading down sheer cliffs and verdant mountains providing astounding backdrops, this is Mother Nature at her best.


(3) JohnstoneStrait Kayaking. This area of water, at the north end of Vancouver Island, Canada, is well known for its annual visitors – killer whales, or orca. Seeing these amazing creatures upfront has got to rate up there as an out of this world experience. And if the wildlife isn’t enough to whet your appetite, the rocky coast line holds many coves and beaches to explore, as well as a dense rainforest inland for hiking.


(4) Sea Kayaking in Greece – climate, food, rich history and amazing coastlines, Greece is a perfect destination for summer holidays. The tiny island of Milos, a 4 hour ferry ride from Athens, is one of the jewels in this country’s crown. With over 130km of coastline to explore and over 150 sea caves, there is plenty for the adventurous sea kayaker to explore here. With abbey-like roofs, intriguing passages and dark tunnels to investigate and some great snorkelling too, this is a hidden gem.


(5) Kayak the TwinLakes in Alaska – Lake Clark National Park in South Central Alaska is made up of turquoise lakes and dense spruce and poplar forests. This is true wilderness country, with dramatic mountains and abundant wildlife including bears and caribou. It is the solitude of kayaking here that is so appealing. Remote, peaceful and wild, kayaking on one of the two large lakes here is not about adrenalin, but taking in the remote and awe-inspiring scenery.


(6) Kayaking the Galapagos – With over 100 islets and crags to explore, there is plenty of scope hereto get off the beaten track and away from the hoards of tourists to places that the large boats simply can’t reach. In both the sea and on land there is a fascinating wealth of flora and fauna to discover and in a region that has seen such environmental exploitation, exploring under your own steam by paddle will have a negligible impact on the wildlife.


(7) Kayaking in Mexico – The Sea of Cortez, off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, is home to close to 100 islands, all of them enveloped by crystal blue seas. Loreto Bay, within the sea, is a designated Unesco World Heritage Site and is there to protect the fantastic marine life found there. Sea kayaking here in the winter season is all about the whales. Blue whales, over five time longer than an average sea kayak, migrate to these waters, alongside their smaller, but no less magnificent relatives, humpback, fin and Sei Whales.


(8) Kayaking Turkey‘s Coast – The rocky coastline of South West Turkey’s Turquoise Coast provides a fantastic destination for sea kayakers – novices and intermediate alike. There is true variety to be found her, with quiet bays, high cliffs and secret caves. The Taurus Mountains form an impressive backdrop, and the coastline is interspersed with sandy beaches, where turtles creep up at night to lay their eggs.


(9) Kayaking in the Scottish Highlands – The Highlands, in North West Scotland, are a dramatic location for kayaking, with lochs and a stunning coastline to boot. The Forth of Lorn offers one of the world’s best sea kayaking venues, with rocky islets and challenging tide races to navigate. Crags and dark caves can be expected, with the ever-changing weather adding to the excitement and challenge. Not for the faint-hearted.


(10) Canoeing the Amazon – Based in the North East of Ecuador, the Aguas Negras River is in the middle of the Cuyabeno Reserve. This is remote and off the beaten track at its best. With flooded forest and lakes connected by blackwater rivers, you can paddle into the heart of the Rainforest, leaving the modern world far behind you. Add to that, parrots and toucans flying overhead and dolphins, anacondas and caimans in the water and you have a pretty magical trip!


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