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Double Glazing – What You Need To Know

In readiness for winter you need to think about keeping your house warm, and one of the quickest ways to lose the heat you are paying for is to have large single pane windows letting it out. According to the Energy Saving Trust, double glazing can reduce your heat loss by half, and can save over £100 a year in energy costs.
When you add to this the problems of condensation, of rotting window frames and of drafty windows with no locks, double glazing seems an obvious improvement to consider while readying your house for the winter.
Luckily for you, double glazing is very much a buyer’s market, with huge competition between suppliers. This means that searching around and keeping your options open can really save you money on your double glazing. If that sounds too much like hard work you can let us do it for you by heading over to windowquoter.co.uk for a free quote, and we’ll help you get in touch with the best local suppliers in your area.
Before beginning your double glazing project, it’s worth having a look at the Home Improvements Quotes Double Glazing Checklist to see if you’ve thought of everything.
What frames do you want? Double glazed windows can be fitted with wooden, aluminium or uPVC frames. Try and think about which material will most suit the style of your house, and if your house is listed make sure you find out if you need planning permission from the local council before altering the exterior.
How many windows do you need? On a shoestring budget it might be worth considering just having your largest windows replaced, or sticking to the rooms that you use the most. The great thing about glazing is that it can be done in stages, so you can tailor the size of your project around the funds you have available now, and sort the rest out when you have some extra cash available.
Case Study As well as standard casement windows, many companies offer tilt and turn or sash case options which allow you to let air into the house without opening a large window up.
What About ‘Low-E’ Glass? Low-Emissivity (a.k.a. Low-E) glass is coated with a special substance that allows heat and light to pass into the house, but blocks it from leaving. In most cases this will lead to an increase in the efficiency of the glazing by up to 30%. Many suppliers now provide Low-E Glass as standard in their double glazing installations, so be sure to ask about it.
Something Extra? Frosted or leaded glazing can make your windows look gorgeous, and if your windows face east or west it might be worth considering having them tinted to keep the sun out of your eyes.

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How to Choose North London Builders

Looking for North London builders? Well, of course, you live in a massive part of the city. This means that there will be several different builders that you can choose from. Dozens, in fact. We have put together this guide to help you in your quest to find the perfect North London builders for your project.

Starting Your Search

When you are looking for North London builders, we suggest that you talk to your friends and your family. You will want to find out whether they have any recommendations that they can pass onto you. Of course, just because a builder is right for them does not necessarily mean that the builder is going to be right for you, but this is going to be a fantastic starting point.
You should spend most of your time searching online for those North London builders. Put a lot of effort into it. You are going to want to get a list of 5-10 companies that you will be able to do further research into.

If a company does not seem to have a lot of experience under their belts, you are going to want to scratch them from your list. There is no sense in working with them. You have to remember that building projects, even if they look simple on the face of them, are going to be very complicated. The last thing you want is to have hold-ups in your project. Now, there is no such thing as a building project which is going to go 100% smoothly. You are more likely to find a unicorn. However, the hallmark of an experienced builder is that they are going to be able to deal with those issues as they arrive. Yes, you may be paying more money for that experienced builder, but it is likely that you are going to end up saving a whole lot more cash in the long run. This is exactly what you want! The project is also going to be finished a lot quicker.
Can they do the work?

If you have a building project in mind, then you obviously want to work with a building company in North London that has plenty of experience with that type of project. Say, for example, if you want a conservatory built, you probably are not going to want to be working with North London builders who spend most of their time building rooms in a roof. So, choose somebody that fits your needs perfectly.
Meet with the builder

Before you commit yourself to a building project, it is important that you meet with the builder. Talk to them about what you want. A good builder will throw ideas in your direction. They will let you know what they feel will result in a better project. However, a good builder will make sure that your ideas get heard. During this initial meeting, you should get a feel for how easy that builder is going to be to work with.